Fishing Power Plant Lakes

One interesting fact that many people do not realize about Texas is that there are relatively few natural lakes in the entire state. However there are hundreds of lakes in the state that have been artificial dammed. The one major lake in Texas that is a natural lake is Lake Caddo in east Texas. According […]

Saltwater Surf Fishing – 3 Tips to Catch More Fish

Saltwater surf fishing can be very frustrating. Even the best surf fisherman will have days without a bite. You could be armed with the best equipment and bait, but there will be days where you will go home with nothing. Here are three tips to reduce days without a bite to a minimum. # 1 […]

Bass Fishing? What About Real Worms

Now this by no means is any kind of secret the worm has been used for fishing for who knows how long. But with an array of plastics lining the shelves of your favorite tackle outlet fishing with a live worm seems to be a lost art. There is a reason for all kinds of […]