Fishing Reel Basics – 4 Things to Consider When Picking Out a Reel

So you have decided to go fishing, or at least get some new equipment. The amount of choices that a fisherman has is huge, far too much for this article to cover. So, as far as the basics go, you need a fishing rod and reel. For the purposes of this article, I will be covering the basics of the fishing reel.

Things that you need to consider are as follows:

-Type of fishing you want to do
-Type of fish you are going after
-Reel preference – Bait-casting, spinning, or closed bail

The type of fishing, saltwater or freshwater, needs to be considered for several reasons. The components that make up a saltwater are designed to be able to withstand the more corrosive nature of the environment. The parts of the saltwater reel are also beefier to handle the fish. They are also more expensive. Freshwater reels can be designed with larger components to handle larger fish, but were designed for the freshwater environment. Can a freshwater reel be used for saltwater fishing? Yes, but you must take care of the reel after you are done fishing.

The type of fish you are going after will also help determine what type of reel you need to get. You will need a larger reel for larger species of fish, like bass, walleye, and pike. The size of the fishing rod will also help determine what reel you should get. You do not want to have a small reel with a longer fishing pole and vice versa.

Preference comes into play next. A bait-casting reel requires a little more skill in using, but has its advantages like better drag systems. You see these more often used on a lake and most professional bass fisherman use this type of reel. A spinning reel, the reel with fishing line visible and a wire that spins around the spool, is a more user-friendly type of reel. They have a good drag system and the more ball bearings the reel has, generally the smoother and the better. They are good for fishing on lakes and rivers. A closed bail reel is the reel that is generally found on some rod and reel combos, at least on the combos designed for children. They are easy to use and are best suited for fishing on a lake.

Price is always a concern when buying any fishing equipment. You want to get a good deal, but also want a quality reel. Lucky for you there are many options that can meet your needs. When you are looking do not be afraid to ask for help and let them know what you would like. They will be more than happy to help you.

So find your reel and get out there and do some fishing.

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