What Bait to Use During Your Halibut Fishing Run

It may be as easy as attaching a head of a mackerel on a line and throwing it overboard; but then again, it may not be that easy at all. Halibut fishing need not be an overly complicated process but you may want to reconsider "traditional" bait for less conventional baits, especially if the fish is not biting. Believe it or not, you do not need to buy those expensive lures; nor do you need to learn a new fishing technique. What you have now may work fine. However there is a bit of sprucing up to do when it comes to your halibut feeding education. For this, you would need: a bit of research on the fishing area, some prep, and a lot of time on your hands.

The fishing ground

The actual location of the fishing ground dictates what sells and what does not sell with the sand dwelling halibut. You do have to remember that the fish adapts to what is currently available in the open waters. Although the halibut is notorious for being an opportunistic feeder, this does not mean that it will lose its caution when introduced to a "new" meal.

Try to see what marine creatures are most abundant in the fishing grounds. It is with all likelihood that the halibut will be feeding on these as well. So if you bait your line with one or two of these creatures (or make lures that "act" similar to these); your chances of landing several fish is good. If you want to land a really big monster, experts are saying that you need to have larger bait as well.

One more thing, seasons bring changes in the available food for the halibuts. So what may have been successful baits for the last few seasons may not be "attractive" baits now. Your catch may just have shifted to an entirely new diet.

Preparation counts a lot

An ill-prepared fisherman is a poor fisherman indeed. And that maxim is true for anglers too. If you really want to score several large halibuts, you really need to prepare big time. First of all, as stated above, you need to know the exact bait you should be using. If you have done your research correctly, you will know that some bait shops in and around the fishing area may not be able to supply you all the things you need. In which case, try to pack (from home or en route to the fishing grounds) everything you might possibly need on a day out on the water. Lines, hooks and weights are essential, of course. The question is: are you keeping your catch or are you releasing them after?

The J hook would be more advisable if you are performing the former, while the circle hook will be more beneficial (to the fish) if you are performing the latter. Also try using a fine mesh net only when it comes to halibut fishing. The delicate tail fins of the fish are bound to get damaged in the larger meshed nets.

Enjoy your time on the water

Fishing entails a lot of presence. Halibuts are known to "inhale" attractive bait in an instant. But sometimes, the fish needs more time to be coaxed into actually taking the bait. Just sit back and enjoy whatever view you have. If you do all these things, you might just have a great closing entry for your day: preferably a monster halibut on your deck.

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